Scientific Principles

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Flash-® Works in Synchronization with the Sterilizer.

Here are some scientific principles relating to FLASH-GUARD® and post-sterilization product protection:

  • FLASH-GUARD® is a closed container flash sterilization/transport system.
  • The lid displacement and open exhaust port on the FLASH-GUARD® unit function in complete synchronization with the autoclave during the sterilization cycle.
  • Flash-Guard® is the only container system capable of sterilizing full instrument sets 16 lbs or less of non-porous, non-cannulated instruments at 270°F for 3 minutes. (For cannulated and porous items, Flash-Guard® meets the 10-minute cycle requirement as well. These sterilization parameters are the recommended practices of AAMI and AORN.)
  • Both the flash autoclave and the FLASH-GUARD® are exhausting steam when the autoclave door is opened. The escape of steam continues as long as the temperature inside of the sterilizer and FLASH-GUARD® remains higher than atmospheric temperature. (Charles’ Gas Law further explains how positive pressure within the FLASH-GUARD® precludes contamination from entering while closing the exhaust port and replacing the lid. These same principles offer protection for the sterilized FLASH-GUARD® contents after removal from the sterilizer.)
  • Shelf life is event related, but as long as the FLASH-GUARD® remains warmer than the environmental temperature, positive pressures inside offers protection for the sterilized contents.