AORN and AAMI Standards

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Flash-Guard® Uniquely Meets the Flash Sterilization Standards of AORN and AAMI

According to Association of Per-operative Registered Nurses:
“When performed correctly, flash sterilization is a safe and effective process for the sterilization of medical devices.”

AORN Standards and Recommended Practices IV, Flash Steam Sterilizations, pub. 1998 (Please consult the AORN and/or AAMI Guidelines for appropriate sterilization parameters. Click here for AORN, or refer to AAMI’s “ST79:2006 Sterilization” Standard.) was engineered specifically to test and validate the integrity of the flash sterilization process to assure the operator that sterilization parameters have been achieved before instrument transportation occurs.

Using FLASH-GUARD® properly ensures the safe sterilization of instruments in synchronization with the autoclave, providing a complete flash sterilization and transportation system.

When you need instruments flashed quickly and transported safely, you can trust 3-Minute FLASH-GUARD® to get the job done. What’s more, your FLASH-GUARD® is built to last! Made of the highest grade stainless steel — we make a guarantee no other can make… “with simple care and maintenance, your Flash-Guard® will serve faithfully for a lifetime.”